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Airlines, commercial software, and business automation experience 
We know the airline business well

Our Customers
EASI has been delivering custom software solutions to the airline industry since its inception  in 1986.   Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, and SAS airlines hired us to build the largest travel agency network in the world, Amadeus.  By combining 2 year estimates of computer purchases by each of the 4 airline partners, along with all of the computers for their travel agencies we made a single purchase of 5000,000 IBM Personal Computers. The Wall Street Journal reported that it was the largest single order ever received by IBM from a non-government customer.

Inc. Magazine honored Mr. Adams , founder and President of EASI, by nominating him as a finalist in the Inc. Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award for 1990.
Over 250,000 copies of our commercial software sold
In 2017, our EASITax W2/1099 preparation software celebrates its 25th year as an industry leader selling forms and software to customers that include Ameritrade,  Petrone Beverages, John Weiland Homes, Sutter Home Wines, and the Grateful Dead Productions.  An average customer retention period of 8 yrs is credited to serving our clients with absolutely the best customer service in the industry.

A trial of this product can be downloaded from where W2 and 1099 forms can also be purchased  at the lowest prices on the internet.

We also develop and sell commercial software that automates large corporate paper flows by interacting with end users to create custom applications tailored to each user.   Our flagship product, FormType, was ithe first form database product shown at the Comdex Computer Show.  The same technology that establishes the basis for current paper flow systems like SAP, Xerox Document Systems, and our own PaperWorks software.